Ryan Grace

Author, Licensed Professional Counselor

Ryan Grace, LMHC, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Author. His work in the Mental Health field focuses on empowerment and liberation of his clients with emphasis on the Black, and Black and Queer experience through a trauma-informed lens.  

Ryan grew up in Hillside, New Jersey where there was little to no representation of actualized Blaqueer people, and not many conversations about mental health and well-being for the Black community. Coming to terms with his own identity as a male identifying, Black, Queer person, Ryan intended on pursuing a law degree to advocate for those with shared experiences. However, he found his passion for mental health advocacy and education, and providing the kind of therapeutic support from which his community could benefit.

After several years of working in various community-based and non-profit settings, Ryan founded Ryan Grace Therapy where he is able to lean into a more liberating approach to mental health. Committed to working towards dismantling the many barriers of access to therapy, he reaches beyond the limitations of Western counseling. Ryan ensures that he examines  the cultural, societal, and ancestral influences with his clients. 

Ryan recently released his new journal, “Mental Health Journal for Black Men: Prompts and Practices to Prioritize Yourself and Work on Your Well-Being.” This journal carefully and intentionally helps the reader navigate personal challenges and traumas. Simultaneously, it uplifts and encourages the reader to develop and/or maintain a healthy relationship with themselves and their emotions. In this reflective journal, Ryan and the reader are actively pushing against the narrative of the angry or emotionless Black Man.

TOPICS: Mental Health, Race, LGBTQIA+