Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain information on honorarium costs and fees for certain speakers?

Please fill out the form and we will send you additional information about your requested speaker. Request a Speaker Form

Can CCMNT Speakers help me find other speakers not on your exclusive list?
How can I find out where one of your speakers will be lecturing in my area?

Please follow our social media accounts for upcoming events featuring our speakers.

How can I get a personal letter to one of your clients?

We are happy to forward letters via regular mail to our clients. We forward mail once a week. We do not forward emails, books, manuscripts, proposals, or packages. Please address your letter to the author in care at 2218 Main Street, Winston Salem, NC 27127. Please note we are unable to follow up with any of our clients regarding this mail we have forwarded.

I would like to get a book autographed. Is this possible?

No. The best way to get a book signed is by attending a lecture or reading by the writer and having your book autographed at the book signing. Please visit our social media accounts for information on future appearances in your area by the author you are interested in. Please do not send any books to our office as they will not be forwarded.

May I send my book/work to an author for a recommendation for the jacket?

Most of the authors that we represent are very busy with their own writing and unable to offer this service. You may send a request in a letter to the author care of our office and we will forward it (please see the FAQ re: sending a personal letter). Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts, proof pages, or bound galleys as they will not be forwarded, nor will we be able to return the material to you.