Rolisa H. Tutwyler


Rolisa Tutwyler has spent more than three decades working as a chief-of-staff, lead administrator, budget specialist, travel coordinator and personal representative for individuals and organizations. She has played a crucial role initiating some of the country’s most innovative partnerships within higher education. She worked alongside some of America’s best known and most well-respected public intellectuals; supporting their daily efforts, sharpening their long term vision, and protecting their personal goals. Very much like elite personal trainers in Hollywood, the work Rolisa Tutwyler has done with her clients has been exclusively offered to those with personal connections who have learned about her through her established clientele. Now, through CCMNT Speakers, Rolisa is offering her unique brand of client services and one of a kind lecturers to a somewhat larger circle.

Camry Wilborn


Camry serves as an Agent for CCMNT Speakers. In this role, Camry represents and supports numerous clients in the management of speaking engagements. Camry has over five years experience working alongside various professors, activists, and public intellectuals to provide services in event planning, client representation and community partnerships. Bringing experience and passion for both academia and activism, Camry prides herself on representing speakers at the intersection of the two and giving voice to those often left out of the ivory tower. Camry enjoys working with new organizations and institutions to ensure everyone from grassroots orgs to colleges and universities has a good experience with CCMNT Speakers.

Sydnee Peterman

Social Media Manager

Sydnee leads content marketing and brand outreach initiatives across CCMNT’s social platforms. Promoting client bookings and engagements, Sydnee ensures CCMNT’s external audiences stay abreast of all bureau events. Having managed several political, nonprofit and retail social projects, Sydnee offers a wealth of strategic marketing opportunities in leveraging the CCMNT brand. A trusted consultant, Sydnee looks to consistently amplify CCMNT’s invaluable thought-leadership profiles to broader audiences and their impactful messages to the world.

Nathia Elise

Administrative Assistant

Nathia Elise is a student at Howard University. When she’s not studying she enjoys playing field hockey, watching basketball, and traveling.