The Speaker’s Bureau

For Speakers

We ensure that we connect your voice with audiences around the world. We also help to both revamp and develop your personal branding to make sure that clients recognize you as their optimal choice for their event.

Speaker Profile Development

We help our speakers hone in on specific topics based on their area of expertise and connect them with optimal speaking engagements worldwide.

Initiate and Secure Opportunities

We ensure that we connect your voice with audiences around the world based on your professional goals, your personal values, and the needs of yourself and community.

Contract Development

We ensure that our speakers needs are met, both financial and personal, when working with clients to secure speaking arrangements.

Management of Travel

After solidifying speaking arrangements, we make sure our speakers airfare, lodging and ground transportation are secure to ensure easy travel for our speakers.

Personal Branding & Social Media Development

With our help, we will take your brand to the next level with the creation of brand content, including the creation of a personal logo, color palettes, typography and a social media kit.

Web Design

With the second most essential aspect of branding being an online space to house your content, information, and products, we will work to create a site that is functional for easy use and that aligns with your personal brand.

For Clients

We help you find the optimal speaker for your event, and make sure that all arrangements and logistics are handled prior to your event.


Identifying and Retaining a Speaker


Contract Management


Travel Logistics