Cheyenne M. Davis (they/them)

Writer, Content Creator, & Adjunct Instructor


Cheyenne Davis is a journalist, digital content creator, podcaster, photographer, and aspiring screenwriter looking to craft screenplays and digital content that are inclusive and highlight fat, BIPOC characters and perspectives. A graduate of the master’s program in Media Studies at The New School and an adjunct instructor at NYU, some topics that they often explore in their work includes media representation, nerd fandoms, sex, kink, fat liberation, LGBTQIA, misogynoir, Black Pleasure and how all these things intersect. Some of Davis’ inspirations come from fat, Black social media influencers and kink activists that fight against white supremacy in the community.  Aside from their creative pursuits, Davis is a cat mom and video game and anime aficionado. Davis’ main goal is to use their creative works as the vehicle to drive the conversation in unpacking toxicity and lack of diversity and inclusivity in media.

TOPICS: Body Politics, Art, LGBTQIA+, Race, Media, Sexuality

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