Dani Parker-Moore

Professor of Education, Consultant


Dr. Dani Parker Moore, is an Assistant Professor of Multicultural Education at Wake Forest University. Parker Moore is an awarding winning scholar who is committed to scholarship that focuses on the centering the humanity of students and families of color. Parker Moore has expertise in parent engagement during COVID19 challenges, Community Participatory Action research and Community-University Partnerships. Dr. Parker Moore addresses educational inequities and opportunities for social action through qualitative research and analysis. She is experienced in research that focus on students and parents of color, mentoring, and community-university based enrichment programs for students of color.  Parker Moore is expert in data collection methods that involve semi-structured interviews, ethnographic observations, surveys, and focus groups. She most recently co-edited Mentoring Students of Color: Naming the Politics of Race, Social Class, Gender, and Power (2019). Parker Moore’s forthcoming book Let’s Normalize Seeing Humanity First: An Anti-Racist Guide for Working with Parents and Families in Schools is expected to be released in 2023. 


Topics- Parent Engagement, Success for Students of Color in Schools, Community Participatory Action Research, Community-University Partnerships, Youth Mentoring

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