Eric Jo

DEI Expert, Social Science Practitioner

Eric Jo is a Black, genderqueer social science practitioner, educator, and musician whose expertise lies in reversing the negative realities of institutional stagnation and promoting positive possibilities of institutional change for historically excluded communities. Their work has been grounded in the latter and informed by their experiences in the fields of education, research, sociology, consulting, policy, leadership and institutional change and DEI. Due to the diversity of experiences in these fields, Eric Johas been able to coalesce a vast array of knowledges and skills. This has enabled them to scale up the scope of their role and responsibilities exponentially over time. EricJo has a decade of combined experience in a variety of roles that include (but are not limited to) teaching and training, program/project management, primary and secondary research, people leadership, learning and development, and organizational development and change.

Eric Jo believes that espousing the values of DEI should be truly about centering the humanity of people and the imperative of a healthy environment. It should be conceiving that all life is inherently worthy of care and concern, knowing that every individual is innately fully whole and imperfectly enough, and understanding that difference is what makes us human and creates a healthy environment. Eric Jo currently works as a Senior Program Manager of DEI at Papa John’s International.

TOPICS: DEI, Leadership, Race, Identity, LGBTQIA+