Anita Hill Moses

Natural Hair Care Specialist, Educator


Anita Hill Moses is a wife, a mother, an educator, and one of the nation’s leading authorities on hair loss, natural hair care, locking, and braiding.  Her professional work in the Natural Hair Industry began in 1992 under the tutelage of Master Pioneer Marion Council George in Brooklyn, NY.  She is the owner of Richmond’s 2nd salon dedicated to natural hair, B.A.D – Braids And Dreds, Inc.  Braids And Dreds was opened on July 1, 1995 originally under the name of Designer Braids And Trade II.  However, in 1998 the salon’s name was changed. She has been dedicated to natural hair for 30 years and a professional in the industry for 26 years with a full successful operational natural hair care salon for 23 years.

Anita has trained over 45% of the natural hair care professionals in the city of Richmond and has assisted individuals, not only in Richmond, but across the country in establishing their own businesses.  She has taught at various Natural Hair Care Expo’s, retreats, and symposiums around the country.

In an effort to bring awareness to individuals involved in the Natural Hair Industry, Anita was inspired to create The Master Pioneer Award.  This award show recognizes, and pays tribute to individuals who laid the foundation and paved the way for others to thrive in the Natural Hair Industry.

After 4 and ½ years of extensive study, research, and clinical trials, in July of 2014 Anita launched her line of all natural/organic hair restoration products called “NHR – Natural Hair Restoration”.  This product was designed to assist anyone dealing with hair loss, scalp disorders, thinning, and any other issues that negatively affect our crown.

Anita is dedicated to God, her family, and her industry. Her motto “Don’t Be Discouraged but Be Encouraged” is displayed daily; not only in her day to day business dealings, but more importantly in her day to day life; aiding, helping, motivating is what she does best.

TOPICS: Natural Hair Care, Education, Women and Girls of Color

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